Online mixing and mastering is future of music, as can be seen by the thousands of independent musicians and labels that choose this option every year.

Our professional audio mastering engineers have the fresh ears, experience and full studio cache of both software and outboard effects and processors necessary to make your mix sound better no matter what your style or genre.

Combined with our Industry leading affordable rates, MixLogics is the best source online for amazing mixing and mastering at cheap prices.

In fact, we're so sure you'll notice the difference we offer a free 30 second mixed and mastered sample of your project.

Just fill out our Submission Form and submit your files--and we'll get right to work on your free online mixing and mastering sample!

When submitting an online mixing project to us, we support the following methods:

ProTools Session Folders

.OMF files- most high end recording software (including ProTools, Cubase, and Logic) can save to this cross platform file structure. While the files are large, they will give us access to not only your raw recordings, but also any adjustments made in your DAW software, so we'll get a better idea of the direction your project is headed.

.WAV files - each individual track rendered to separate wave files. Each file should be rendered for the entire length of the project, so check to make sure they are all the same length. Also, every different stem of the song should have at the very least its own track (a lead vocal alone is fine, but a background vocal would require a separate track, along with separate drum and instrument tracks.) Please render all these files completely dry (with no effects). We'll add them back in after tweaking. Make any notes about effects on your online submission form, or even better, provide us with your rough mix so we can see the direction you'd like the project to head.

.MP3 Files - much the same as .wav format, each track rendered separately. Will save upload time, but we strongly recommend .wav files for their superior sound quality.

Either Data or Audio CD of individual tracks- sent through the mail. This option saves upload/download bandwidth, but shipping times will add to your project's turnaround.

If you create your own instrumentals using a sequencing program (Reason, Fruity Loops, etc) rendering separate tracks for each individual sound used along with separate kick, snare, and hi hat tracks is absolutely essential for optimum final product quality.

For instance, if we feel your kick drum needs some compression in order to sound more punchy, not having a separate kick track makes it impossible to tweak without affecting the rest of the mix.

Obviously, if using an industry instrumental, tracking out fully isn't possible. Luckily, most industry instrumentals come pre-mixed by a professional, so no worries if that's the case. You'll still notice a huge difference in your vocals and the cohesiveness of the entire track.

Getting your files to us is simple! After filling out the Online Mixing submission form, you can upload files up to 2GB directly to our Yousendit.com Drop box. We also have our own FTP server, which we'll be glad to give you access to in order to upload your project to us directly. Many users report quicker upload speeds. If you wish to be granted FTP access to complete your Online Mixing Project, fill out our form in the link to the right. We'll get back to you within 24 hours with a login and password to use.

After mixing, we will send you a link to your project sample via email. If you approve and would like to complete the project, we'll get to work and make any adjustments you request before posting final .wav copies for you to download. Our Online Mixing pricing package includes up to 3 rounds of unlimited modifications per track. Additional modifications are then available for an extra fee.

Each mixed track will also be mastered free of charge.

Our Online Mixing and Mastering price packages include digital delivery of final masters online. However, if you are unable to work on your project online we accept all files through mail delivery as well, or if prefer a final RedBook Master CD, we offer that option for a small fee. (including CDTEXT, Track placement, and inclusion of ISRC numbers if you have them.)

Our Average prices for Online Mixing:

30 second Online mixing and mastering preview: FREE
Mixing and Mastering by track: $69.95
Mix and Master EP (up to 30 minutes): $249.95
Mix and Master Album (up to 74 minutes): $399.95

Special needs or less intricate projects can adjust rates. Submit your online mixing project for a personalized exact quote, along with a free sample of the final sound.

We accept all credit cards online through PayPal, along with checks, cash, and money orders. All rates are in US Dollars.