Online Mastering

Our mastering engineers use compression, equalization, harmonic exciters, stereo image expansion, and a slew of other techniques to maximize the sonic potential of an already mixed recording. Your songs will sound larger, more expansive, and more polished. Online mastering truly is the step that sets great recordings apart from merely good ones.

With thousands of independent artists releasing albums every year, give your project the best chance to be heard with our affordable online mastering packages!

Ideally, an album or EP is mastered entirely at the one time, so the online mastering engineer can ensure seamless audio transition between songs.

We do strongly recommend our online mixing and mastering services together for the best possible sound, but if you feel you already have a great mix that just needs a little polishing, online mastering alone is the right choice for you!

In fact we're so sure you'll be amazed at the difference, we offer a free 30 second online mastering sample just to show you how your track could sound! Fill out our online mastering submission form and send us a mix for your free sample.

We accept files for online mastering in the following formats:

ProTools session files, .OMF files, .WAV files, .AIF files, .MP3 files

MP3 files, while saving bandwidth, provide inferior final sound compared to the other formats.

When rendering your final mix for online mastering, please do not put any compression or limiters (or other effects) on the main channel. Individual track compression and effects are fine. The track should ideally peak around the -3DB range. Our mastering engineers will make it loud enough, but giving us headroom to work with will allow us to optimize your final sound.

To submit your project for online mastering just fill out our submission form, and upload your mix directly to our Drop Box

After our engineers master your song, we will send you a link to your free online mastering sample via email. Upon approval, we'll upload the entire track and make any adjustments you request (up to three rounds of tweaks for free) before posting final .wav masters for you to download.

Our Online Mastering package prices include digital delivery of final masters, but if you'd prefer a physical RedBook Master CD, we offer that option for a small fee. (including track placing/sequencing, CDTEXT, and ISRC number inclusion).

Online Mastering rates:

30 second online mixing and mastering preview: FREE
Online Mastering by song: $24.95
Online Mastering by EP (up to 30 minutes) $54.95
Online Mastering by Album (up to 74 minutes) $99.95

Special needs or less intricate projects can adjust rates. Submit your online mastering project for a personalized exact quote, along with a free mastering sample.

We accept all credit cards online and PayPal, along with checks, cash, and money orders. All rates in US Dollars