Online Mixing and Mastering FAQ

What's the difference between mixing and mastering?
When mixing our mastering engineers examine each individual track of a recording and use effects/techniques to create the best possible sound from the raw recordings.

While mastering, we take your already mixed recording and improve its overall sound using compression, equalization, etc. Unlike mixing, we aren't able to tweak individual instruments/vocals in the online mastering process.

Mixing a song generally takes several hours, while mastering a track is usually completed in around an hour.

Why do I need online mixing and mastering?
To give your music the best possible chance to be taken seriously and appreciated it needs to be presented in a professional manner. Mixing and mastering give you the polished sound that our ears have gotten used to hearing on the radio.

Having a top quality studio mix and master your project online is the future of music. Each year more and more albums and demos are self produced in home studios. Online mixing and mastering allows you to get the big studio sound listeners expect from the comfort of your chair (and in MixLogics' case at unbeatable prices)

Can't I just mix and master my song myself?
Similar to editing and proofreading your own writing, having an objective ear to your own music is very difficult. If you absolutely cannot afford to have your music professionally mixed by an experienced engineer, we'd recommend at least having an audio savvy friend not connected to the project mix it down for you.

Why are your prices so low?
Our online mixing and mastering projects are worked on by our mastering engineers at our studio between studio time bookings and at late night hours which wouldn't be bookable otherwise. Since it's all done online, we can mix your song throughout the day during downtime or at 3AM instead of blocking off specific studio times. Its more productive than sitting around just playing Spider Solitaire until our next client arrives and saves you a ton of money in the process.

What's this random beeping noise on my track?
Online mixing and mastering samples contain an audible beep to denote the switch from the original track to the mastered version. All mixes delivered after payment and obviously your final mix will be beep free. No need to worry!

Do you offer in studio recording?
Yes we do. If you're in the Toledo, Ohio area, feel free to drop us a line to inquire about studio time prices.

Do you offer beat making, studio musician track replacement, or instrumental creation?
We have a wide variety of beats and instrumentals for lease or exclusive purchase. We also can create custom instrumentals, or replace tracks with studio musicians/backup vocalists. Our in house producers have worked with artists across all genres. These services aren't the focus of this website, but if interested send us an email and we'll discuss the possibilities for your project.

What if I'm not happy with my final mix?
We expect you to have input on the final sound of your project, after all, it is your art. Thus we include up to three rounds of unlimited adjustments to your track as part of our online mixing and mastering packages.

How will I be billed?
After you approve your sample and decide to continue with the project, we will send a PayPal invoice for the balance. Payment can be made through any of PayPal's options (credit card, PayPal balance, bank transfer/check, etc.) Once payment is received and we receive all your project files, work begins! A reminder to our many international visitors that all rates are given in US Dollars. PayPal's system will gladly covert the prices to allow you to pay with your own country's currency

Can you send me a master disc?
Our online mixing and mastering package prices include digital delivery of final masters, but we are always happy to setup, burn, and ship you a physical RedBook Master CD for a small additional fee. (including track placement/sequencing, CDTEXT, and ISRC number embedding if applicable)

What's the deal with "Average Pricing"
95% of our online mixing and mastering projects fall into the average price, thus we provide them for you to have an idea of what your project will cost you through us. (Too many studios just want to lure you in to sending them your email address before disclosing they want $500/track to work on your music). However, if your mixing project comes in with 75 separate tracks and you want 20 of them Autotuned, and want a new bass line laid down by a studio musician, costs will obviously be higher. On the other hand, if your project is a just a single vocal line over an already mixed industry beat, this will take much less time, so we may be able to offer a lower price point. That's why the best thing you can do is get a free online mixing and mastering sample along with an individualized price quote by filling out our submission form.

If your question wasn't answered here, please contact us!